Svg clocks for carbide.ui by LHS

Here are new elements for making symbian nokia theme using carbide.ui.this is nothing but awesome Analogue Svg clocks by LHS or Longhairsteff with pointers and may browse for Lhs themes here using search on sidebar. Tools for making theme: The tools for making themes is nothing but carbide.ui which you can download from [...]

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New Clocks Htc Style by Acros08

Are you a Htc mobile fan? Intrested to get Htc clocks? Then here it is. Download this vector format New Clocks Htc Style by Acros08 for free.make a theme with this clock using nokia carbide.ui also this clock can be easily resized Browse this Clocks to get more clocks and elements

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Apple World Clock by Acros08

Another amazing vector clock for making themes using carbide by Acros08 from his latest theme Apple World

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Deep space clock by Acros08

Look at this Clock created by Theme maker Acros08.The most attractive feature of this clock is the could download the theme from here Deep Space by Acros08

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