Collection of Fonts for Symbian phones Roundup 1

Hello everyone.from today onwards once in a week i will provide you with roundup of fonts for your mobile Here are the steps on how to install fonts on your mobile.Thanks to Dhanusaud for this simple steps For Pre-FP1, FP1 & FP2 devices: install "FontrouterLT" & "FontrouterMan" (use google to get it) after installing you [...]

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S60v5 Mobile Font

Info: Change Your Mobile Font (5800,n97) if you have any font and want use in your phone, you must rename fonts in 4 shape : s60snr.ttf, s60ssb.ttf, s60tsb.ttf, S60ZDIGI.ttf Now follow this steps : 1- Connect to pc by usb & choose mass strong 2- Go to (E:\Resource\Fonts). 3- Copy : s60snr.ttf s60ssb.ttf s60tsb.ttf S60ZDIGI.ttf [...]

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Ultimate Font Pack

Over 70 free, famous fonts in one pack. Some of the fonts include: * Honda * Oreo * Hershey * Walt Disney * Harry Potter * ESPN * Pizza Hut * Yahoo * Coca-Cola * Hollywood * Star Wars * Transformers * Simpsons * Powerpuff girls * Kentucky Fried Chicken * Pokemon * Grand Theft [...]

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