Carbide Plugin Conflicts Precaution

Hello,most of the Nokia carbide theme makers may come across some problems while installing plugins for E71,E66,E75 along with N97 plugin in carbide.ui 3.4 .This error was actually found by my friend Dhanusaud a very famous Symbian theme Maker. Here are few tips to solve those errors.Right plugin installation will solve it.Here are some Plugin [...]

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How To Add Media Skin To SonyEricsson Phone

Hello Now I come up with Tutorial for Sonyericsson Phones to add Media Skin Thanks to parano-33-d for this wonderful tutorial. Steps to add Media Skin 1.Open MP Skinner, load your theme, you need 2 pictures: 240x320px for portrait and 320x240px for landscape mode backgrounds 2.adjust colors according to theme & transfer to phone. [...]

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Convert A Cartoon Picture To A Svg Icon or image

This Tutorial is shared by RobJM of Tehkseven Here is how I made some svg icons and wallpapers from a jpg image for my Flintstones theme. [tweet]I used photoshop and illustrator, but I presume you can do the same with the free alternatives. Cartoons are probably the easiest of images to convert to vector files, [...]

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Guide to take a screenshot of your theme

This Tutorial is Shared by RobJM of Tehkseven So you are viewing the screens you want to capture. A guide to taking screenshots of your theme for uploading. [tweet]We get asked this a lot , so here goes. First I assume you have no graphics software as you would probably already know how to do [...]

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