Comic Wallpapers by RozzerX

An excellent collection of Comic wallpapers by RozzerX for 360X640 px phones like nokia x6,5800 xpress music,n97,samsung etc.Download this fantastic walls for free

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Colors On Black Wallpapers By RozzerX

A set of Wallpaper for 360x640 , 5230 , 5530 , 5th Edition Phones , I8910 , N97 , Nokia 5800 , Nokia N8 , Nokia N97 Mini , Nokia X6 , Samsung Omnia phones/gadgets by RozzerX

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Silky colour pack wallpaper by Zagato

240X320 and 360X640 px wallpapers

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Wallpapers for 360X640 px phones by KingWicked

360X640 px phones wallpapers by kingwicked Note:The Screenshot posted here contains wallpaper demo on phones with following themes

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