Infinity Hoppers Buildbox Game Template ( Android,iOS,Windows)

Meet The Infinity Hoppers , a tiny group of block / bricks jumpers who dash and cross across endless infinite platforms.Bounce,hop and jump between the tiny blocks and collect all coins.Survival is the key.Be any Hopper and explore the world of Infinity.Cross the blocks by hopping and bouncing the platform.Don’t fall or hit the bricks or spinning wheels.
Basic hoppers characters like brick,ball and pogo stickman are added.You will meet new hoppers in future updates.

Infinity Hoppers Buildbox Game Source code for android ios and windows

How to play the Infinity Hoppers game ?

Use left side of your device to move or control the hoppers left or right and right side of device to jump.
You may double tap to jump twice at certain points.
Collect all coins and use them to unlock new tiny hoppers like ball and pogo stickman.

So what are you waiting for download and play this Infinity hoppers game and explore the world of infinity with brick, ball and pogo stick man and enjoy this one touch endless game.
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Also share your score with your friends and family and browse through score cards and compete.

Caution : Patience is the key . Balance the hopping guys and explore.

Try demo app before buying if needed.Just drop an email.Will get support within 24-48 hrs.

Note:This code is for Android,ios and Windows.Made using buildbox and compiled with eclipse and Xcode for Mac Os..So what are you waiting for Buy Infinity Hoppers Buildbox Game Template ( Android,iOS,Windows) and start making your arcade jump game.

Included within purchase files are Buildbox .bbdoc file, documentation, eclipse source code for android and Xcode source code for iOS
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