2016 Arcade Game : Sonic Neon Riders ~ Space Racer For IOS And Android

Sonic Space Racer Neon Riders

Sonic Space Racer Neon Riders

2016 Arcade Game : Sonic Neon Riders ~ Space Racer For IOS And Android
Sonic Neon Riders ~Space Racer – dash through limitless galaxies of neon lines
Welcome to the world of Sonic Neon Riders ~Space Racer.Sonic Dash Neon Rider is a quick reflex arcade and casual survival endless mode game with glowing neon riders and neon lines.How long could you survive in space or galaxy ??? .Choose from the wide range of neon riders like Neon arrow, Neon balls, Neon car, Tron cycle, Clu light cycle, Tron jet, USS Enterprise and Millennium Falcon.Earn coins to unlock these space riders.
GamePlay is Don’t touch the line and follow the spaces between them to cross the lines.

Like to play a retro space games ? Sonic Neon Riders ~Space Racer Game is here.The game play is very simple and earn coins to unlock your new sonic neon vehicles.Switch to move right and left direction to avoid obstacles.

This Sonic Neon Riders ~Space Racer will give you a complete retro arcade game feel with retro sound or music and race through galaxy with light speed sonic vehicles.

Share your score online and compete with your friends.

Ready to Explore Galaxy ? Play Sonic Neon Riders ~Space Racer Now and care to share words with your friends and family and don’t forget to review and comment.

So which neon rider you like to be???? Start Playing Sonic Neon Riders ~Space Racer game now

Download From :

Sonic Neon Riders ~ Space Racer

Sonic Neon Riders ~ Space Racer

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