Nokia theme Purple by LA

purple nokia theme by logonaniket

Logon Aniket had created a Nokia theme purple for all symbian mobile platform like nokia n8, c7, s60v3 fp1,fp2 and eseries phones like nokia e63, nokia e71 etc

Authors comment
Theme Features

– Multi-Platform Support
— S60v3* FP1, FP2 including 240×320 and 320×240 E-Series Devices
— S60v5 Phones
— Symbian^3 phones[/li][/list]
– Includes Default & Custom (Original N8) icons for all platforms except S^3.
– Designed with HQ elements.
– Only Default N8 icons are included in order to minimize theme size.
*Normal S60v3 phones like N73 does not support this theme.

Size :4.8 MiB | Hits : 2,784 downloads

Description : Symbian60 v3 and v5 phone theme

Size :584.7 KiB | Hits : 1,490 downloads

Description : Symbian 3 nokia n8, c7 phone theme

Still Gray by Charlie.W

Still gray nokia eseries

A Symbian 3rd edition phone theme by Charlie.W Still Gray which also support nokia eseries . this theme comes with both default icons and custom icons

Size :121.1 KiB | Hits : 1,098 downloads

Description : Symbian 3rd edition phone theme with default icons

Size :1.1 MiB | Hits : 1,372 downloads

Description : Symbian 3rd edition phone theme with custom icons

3D Toucan by Sam1374

3D theme Toucan

Symbian phone theme for both s60v3 and s60v5 phone (prefp1,fp1,fp2,eseries and 5th edition phone) 3D Toucan by Sam1374 with modified omnia icons

Size :1.3 MiB | Hits : 1,375 downloads

Description : Symbian pre fp1,fp1 and fp2 phone theme

Size :1.3 MiB | Hits : 1,064 downloads

Description : Symbian E series phones theme

Size :2.1 MiB | Hits : 837 downloads

Description : Symbian 5th edition phone theme

Palm Pre by Charlie.W

palm pre theme

Symbian 3rd edition pre fp1,fp1,fp2 and Nokia eseries phone theme.Such a colorful theme with both custom and default icons.

Size :1.1 MiB | Hits : 1,010 downloads

Description : Symbian 3rd pre fp1 and fp1 phone theme

Size :1.1 MiB | Hits : 945 downloads

Description : Symbian 3rd edition fp2 phone theme

Size :1.1 MiB | Hits : 1,100 downloads

Description : Symbian 3rd eseries phone theme