Clown V3 nokian97 theme by Kallol

An awesome theme for nokian97, nokia x6, nokia5800 Clown V3 by Kallol.This theme comes with custom icons suitable for all S60v5 or symbian^1 mobile phone.This theme also works with Samsung and Sony Ericsson Symbian mobile.

Music is Life S60v5 theme by LHS

An outstanding mobile theme with glossy style tabs and buttons Music is Life by LHS or Longhairsteff.this theme is compatible with all Symbian 5th edition phones including Samsung omnia and Satio phones.

Microdots Symbian mobile theme by FGshah

Microdots Symbian mobile theme by FGshah with pop icons by IND190 is available free for all Nokia S60v3 fp1 and fp2, S60v5, and S3 mobile phones.This is a dark black theme.This theme is also compatible with Samsung and Satio mobiles

Stripe Light S3 and S60v5 mobile themes by FGshah

Stripe light by FGshah is a free mobile themes for Nokia phones.This theme uses pop icons by Ind190 and are compatible with Symbian^3 or S3 and S60v5 or Symbian^1 cell phones like Nokia n8, Nokia X7, Nokia 5800, Nokia N97 etc.