Anna Icon Pack By Samy

Symbian anna icons

Its been a few days i haven’t published a new post it because i am making few changes to website as you see new logos in here and theme store.So here is a new Anna Icon Pack By Samy extended for making themes with carbide.ui for Nokia Symbian phones.This pack comes with full svg or vector icons plus third party application icons in .tpf format.Its present inside rar file

Symbian anna icons

How to use icons in Carbide?

After opening any one of carbide.ui 3.4, 3.0 and 4.0 go to file-import and browse the .tpf file and select it.then click import.that’s it start creating theme. or in another way extract tpf file using carbide and add tdf file to component storage file.

Note : Please give credit the person who shared this icons Samy in your theme preview image or description of your mobile themes.This icons is not for sale also if you like this tutorial please share with your friends on twitter and facebook and subscribe to email or rss feed of MobileThemesWorld.

Size :1.8 MiB | Hits : 7,471 downloads

Description : Svg Symbian anna icons for making themes using carbide.ui

4 thoughts on “Anna Icon Pack By Samy

  1. Just incase people are wondering some of the third party icons and even first-party ones are mine.

    If some icons have a shine down the bottom or are a different shape then the rest they are mine.

    I think its a great starting point none the less for any theme designer

  2. Thank you for the download but everytime I open the file via carbide.ui 4.2 it closes the software. Any ideas how to get around this problem?

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