10 Awesome icons tutorial related to mobile

Drawing A Pencil Icon tutorial

Here are few awesome Icons tutorial that i came across few websites related to mobile.This tutorial will help you to build icons in vector, png, jpg and other possible formats using adobe illustrator and photoshop.follow the link to view tutorial

Icon Design Tutorial: Drawing A Pencil Icon

Drawing A Pencil Icon tutorial

A tutorial to create awesome icons for mobile

Create a Documents Icons

document icon tutorial

Tutorial to create document folder icons

Tutorial: How to Create a Television Icon

vector icons tutorial

A retro television icon tutorial

How to Design a Set of Multicolored Buddy Icons

Multicolored Buddy Icons tutorial

A contact icons or social icons tutorial

Icon Design tutorial: How to Make a Calendar Icon

calendar icon tutorial

A calendar icon tutorial

Create an Aperture Style Camera Lens Icon

Camera Lens Icon tutorial

A camera lens icon tutorial with gradient effect

Create a Stylized GPS Icon

stylized gps icon tutorial

Cool gps device tutorial

Create an Envelope Icon with a Satin Feel

free sms message icon tutorial

Sms or message icons with stained effect for mobile

Design a Stylish Wallet Icon in Illustrator

Stylish Wallet Icon in Illustrator

Create a stylish wallet icon

Make 3D Yet Flat Looking Shopping Basket Icons

shopping cart icon tutorial

A shopping cart or basket used for e commerce website, mobiles and more

4 thoughts on “10 Awesome icons tutorial related to mobile

  1. Hey…YOU are the Man! I’m developing themes for OVI Store (some for free & some for sale) & someother sites (for testing. Upto now i’m browsing for most attractive ICONS on various websites and even i registered in some sites for a lot of money.But now,after visiting your website,i came to know dat i have wasted a lot of money.Even while using those icon sets,i’m facing a lot of problems regarding size,quality e.t.c… But now it’s easy for me.Upto now it takes weaks or months to develop a theme.But now i’m sure i can make it in 3 days…Thanks friend and moreover i need some suggestions from you.Let me see your tutorial first…it’s more helpful.

    1. Hi,Thank you for your support.i am glad to hear that this tutorials help you to make awesome icons and be sure to check other icons published on this website.by the way what’s the publisher name in ovistore?

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