Balloons Pop Free Android S4 Sound Live Wallpaper
Hope you all like my previous live wallpapers.Now TheShadow of ThemeBowl presents Balloons Pop Free Android S4 Sound Live Wallpaper.This is a HD wallpaper and works with Android mobile phones and Tablets ranging from Gingerbread till present os versions.This wallpaper has been tested on Samsung galaxy note and 7 inch tablet and works smooth without battery can hear balloons pop sound on tapping floating can disable interaction to stop hearing pop balloon sound and touch effect

This Wallpaper has interaction,pop sound,bursting balloons and other features

How to apply Live Wallpaper (LWP):

1.Download and install this live wallpaper form Google Play
2.Go to Idle screen-menu-wallpaper-live wallpaper-Balloons Pop Live Wallpaper-Apply.

Download Free LWP:

Balloons Pop s4 Live Wallpaper