Colours White S3 mobile theme by FGshah

white color symbian theme for nokia by fgshah

white color symbian theme for nokia by fgshah

Colours White by FGshah is a cellphone theme for Symbian^3 or S3 mobiles.This theme use SimpleRed Icons created by me along with pop icons by IND190.The theme compatible with following mobiles Nokia N8, Nokia C7, Nokia E7, Nokia C6, Nokia X7 and other compatible mobiles

Size :1.6 MiB | Hits : 855 downloads

Description : Nokia S3 or Symbian^3 mobile theme

Author: TheShadow

I am Govind Narayan (TheShadow) from India.I am a mobile themes, icons, logo designer and owner of Mobile Themes World.

2 thoughts on “Colours White S3 mobile theme by FGshah”

  1. …why is it you chose the white one, I think it’s a boring color..lifeless, but it’s nice you combined it with red. I don’t have to worry buying a NOKIA N8 to have a white background.

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