Firebird 1.5 Beta by Shadowfax2009

Firebird Beta 1.5 by shadow fax 2009

Firebird Beta 1.5 by shadow fax 2009

Theme Maker’s comment :

Hi friends,
Today is a great day as after 3 months of work I have finally completed my theme….at least to a Beta status. Enjoy it.
Why was this theme made?
I am not a professional themer, but I do designing from time to time as a hobby. I love my Nokia 5800 but I simple hate the Nokia design team. The professional designers at Nokia could and should have done better with the ui of 5800 than they did. So it was with a challenge to them that I made this theme. Things can be made better!
The problem with the S60 ui is that too many elements are thrown around here and there without any rhyme and reason. There is no design philosophy here…just whimsical placement of elements. I have tried to work around the limitation as best as possible. Many ideas couldn’t be implemented because, diverse elements in different screens call for the same resource. Additionally Nokia Carbide doesn’t allow changing many crucial elements (Line colour in Notepad, Some Toolbar Iconset …etc) making it very frustrating to work. If Nokia is listening….at least allow to have different wallpaper for call/dialler/contact screen and give support for complete Icon set change

Size :1.1 MiB | Hits : 586 downloads

Description : Symbian 5th phone theme

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