Galaxy S4 Balloons Go Locker Theme

Here is a new Go Locker Theme by TheShadow of ThemeBowl Galaxy S4 Balloons Free Android Go Locker theme.Feature of this galaxy s4 balloons go locker theme is

.contains hd wallpaper
.custom sliding lock, homescreen and call button (3 in 1) app
.customized digital clock, alarm clock and calendar

How to apply this Go Locker Theme:

1.Download latest version of Go Launcher ex and Go Locker on your mobile from Google Play.
2.Download and install this theme.
3.Open go Locker and navigate to installed-Galaxy S4 Balloons theme-and apply.
4.Lastest version of go launcher and locker must be installed.

Download this Locker:

Galaxy S4 Balloons S4 Go Locker Theme