Htc Clocks Full Svg By Acros08

Htc Clocks

Htc Clocks

Full functional svg clock (Htc mobile like clocks) for making nokia theme with carbide.ui
pack contains both digital and analogue clock

Size :112.7 KiB | Hits : 2,140 downloads

Description : Full svg clock (Htc mobile like clocks) for making nokia theme

8 thoughts on “Htc Clocks Full Svg By Acros08

  1. I’ve nokia theme maker carbide 3.3 and i dont know where to past ..
    means where’s the option of clock??

    there is option of clock color and clock fonts etc!!

  2. there is no option of clock.

    and there r so many svg. file (Like 0 1 2.. 9 and Separator Colon in downloaded clock)

    1. you could see the layer section on bottom right side just below that clock tab.single click on face1 of clock.either paste clock by pressing right click-paste on image or on layer thumb view

  3. Hi
    sorry i’m very late to see your post , but the link for download clock is broken. could you send the files to my email? roninem at gmail . com
    i’m so sorry

    thanks a lot dear

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