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Hello everyone, This is my 1000th post on and have come up with a good news to all theme makers, review writers and visitors of this network.Its been one and a half years of launching this website since 19 December 2009 with a high quality mobile themes, tutorials, fonts, icons and resources created by me and other popular theme makers.I have started this website not only to share my themes under name TheShadow but also to allow rest of awesome theme makers to share their resources which i kept pending by publishing it myself seeking the original creators permission.But now i think its time to expand this network allowing all theme makers who create themes for various mobile platforms like Symbian, Android, Sony Ericsson and Windows platform to publish post them self here.

join mobile themes world team

So if you are a good theme maker, icon creator, review writers then feel free to join this website.All you have to do is just contact me by providing your user name and email address so that i could create you an account with provided address will not be published anywhere its just required so that you will receive a notification to your inbox when your account is created.
Further details like how to publish your themes, type of content to be published, T&C will all be informed after receiving some positive response from you.

Note : Only original theme creators and review writers are allowed to join.

you can contact me using this Contact form

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