MobileThemesWorld Launches Nokia and Android Premium Themes Store

nokia themes store page

Hello Folks!
As you all know MobileThemesWorld already has a premium themes store TheShadow Premium Themes where i share all my Premium Themes(Paid Themes) some people couldn’t get themes from there due to payment gateway issues ie most people doesn’t have credit card especially Indians so to ease of buying paid themes i came with an idea of making two Premium Themes Store which people could buy themes directly from store on their own country currency.the new store is nothing but Android Themes Store and Nokia Themes Store

Details about new Store:

You can access premium themes store from top right corner of this website as shown in below image
nokia and android theme store by theshadow

Nokia Themes Store:

The Nokia Themes Store contains all my new premium themes made for Nokia S40, S60 v3, S60v5, S3 (Anna, Belle, FP1) etc as shown in image below and to purchase theme is too easy.
nokia themes store page

How To Purchase Nokia Themes:

All you have to do is click on download button below each theme.soon you will find a popup which retrieves themes from Nokia Store directly without navigation to official nokia themes store page.Signup/Signin for nokia account and using PC or Mobile you can download themes directly.(nokia drop must be installed on pc)

nokia theme download page

Android Themes Store:

Same as nokia all my latest android themes will be displayed on this new store page which lead users to buy theme from Google Play.

android themes store download page

2 thoughts on “MobileThemesWorld Launches Nokia and Android Premium Themes Store

  1. I have purchased ur luxury black theme through my mobile it is in dm file nt in nth it doesnt support.plz help me soon.THANX

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