Neon Anna icons by Sevimlibrad

Neon Symbian anna icon pack by sevimlibrad

Today i present you Neon Anna icons by Sevimlibrad of Tehkseven.As you all know Symbian Anna a new OS for Nokia Smartphones has been released few days ago.The release contains a well developed Anna icon pack which has been modified into Neon Icons by Sevimbrad.

Neon Symbian anna icon pack by sevimlibrad

The Features of this pack are : Full Svg icons, It contains over 350 third party application icons, toolbar icons and few icons made by Arjun Arora.The pack added is a .Tpf file.It could be directly imported to Carbide.ui theme creator for Symbian phones.The method to use it has been mentioned in other icon packs post shared here.
Note:Please give credit to Sevimbrad and Arjun for providing this marvelous Vector icons.

Size :2.7 MiB | Hits : 5,275 downloads

Description : Free Vector Icon pack

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