Nokia N97 gets a Firmware update to v20.2.019

The Nokia N97 has (finally) received a Major Firmware update to version 20.2.019. Its previous version was v12.2.024.

The N97 does have UDP (User Data Preservation), so while its always a good idea to backup all your data before the firmware update, none of your programs or data should be affected with the update.

Remember you can update using the N97’s OTA (Over-The-Air) feature, or if you prefer you can download Nokia’s Software Updater application to update your N97 on your windows PC. Right now the Update seems to be only available via NSU.

If there’s no new firmware detected for your device yet, it might be because it hasnt reached your region product code yet, or maybe your device is carrier branded. It should roll out to all product codes eventually though.

This Update brings a host of new improvements and Major Stability Fixes to the Nokia N97. There’s also Kinetic Scrolling implemented everywhere, including Menus, and new Widgets.

According to the Nokia Discussion Forums , the software contains many fixes and improvements including:

* Improved touch screen scrolling
* Ovi Maps 3.1 with 3–D maps
* Nokia e-mail, Ovi Contacts, Ovi Store
* Improved memory and battery performance
* Improved image and video stability

Have you updated your N97 yet ? Notice anything new with the firmware update that we might have missed ? Do let us know in the comments y’all !