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Hello Every one ,Finally After testing various logos for Mobile Themes World (this site) since December 19 2009 about eight and a half month of site being active Official logo For Mobile Themes World has been finalised.The above displayed logo is the official logo for this site. This is not a simple logo.This is also an Mascot of this site.

Idea behind the Logo :

This logo contains first three letters of Mobile Themes World.The top most part represent the letter T,The Head portion (ie) outer region represent letter M and the moustache one with green color represent the letter W As soon as i set these letters i thought why not i make a mascot finally i altered the image added two hands,legs and paint brush which implies as a tool for make logo look complete i add eyes and mouth.finally that looked like a mascot too.

I hope you all will like it.comment and suggestion are most welcome.Still more changes to come stay tuned
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