Pure Gold by TheShadow

Pure Gold black premium theme by TheSHadow

A new luxurious premium theme Pure Gold by TheShadow for Nokia Symbian mobile phones.
Pure Gold black premium theme by TheSHadow

The Features of the theme are as follows

  • Full Svg Gold eon icons and elements with black color background
  •  Stylish pop up screen, softkey and qwerty keyboard
  • Suitable in potrait and landscape mode
  • Compatible with Symbian 3, Anna and 5th edition touch phones

Download Here: Pure Gold for Rs50 only
Note:Soon it will be available for all other devices.

6 thoughts on “Pure Gold by TheShadow

    1. Hi,Thanks for the information.I have tested the theme with N97 it looks fine but i wonder why this error appears.By the way what’s your phone model?is it 5800.usually n97 themes works with 5800 too.

    1. Hi,I tried to fix the error and tested in rda but unfortunately this error appears only on 5800xm phones.It might be due to firmware issue.i have made this theme same as other themes ie like on series themes.but sorry i don’t know what’s the cause of error.if you have purchased the theme please send me the payment information so that i will as ovi to return the amount.christmas theme will also be unavailable for 5800xm.it works well on n97.

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