Symbian Anna Png Icons by NovaG

Symbian anna iconpack for making mobile themes

Symbian anna iconpack for making mobile themes

I hope you all have heard about New Icons from Nokia for all platform series s40, s60 and s3 devices that’s nothing but Symbian Anna Icons.I have search all over the web for this icons in both png and svg format and have downloaded,some were corrupted and some in other format.But it was a surprise for me when i see this working icons on Ipmart and thought of sharing it here its nothing but Symbian Anna Png Icons by NovaG.I don’t know who really extracted icons but i have seen it under this user name NovaG.So if you are going to use it please give credit to NovaG.Already themes with these icons have been released for Nokia X7 and E6 and have been preinstalled in it.Soon you could expect updates for all other symbian3 or S3 mobiles like Nokia N8, Nokia C7, Nokia C7 Astound, Nokia E7, Nokia C6 and other compatible mobiles.
I will share svg icons here too if i found.

There are still lot of Icons to be released in this upcoming weeks on mobile themes world.Be sure you are following mobile themes word on Twitter, Like on Facebook and Subscribe to Email to receive daily posts.Also don’t forget to verify link on your email (inbox) for receiving latest post email notification

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Description : Free Symbian anna png icons

15 thoughts on “Symbian Anna Png Icons by NovaG

  1. Hi,

    I hope you guys enjoy, even though these are not the real Anna icons i took the time to put my spin on them.

    S40 themes are available on ovi store, with S60v5 and S^3 coming at a later date, just search for “Symbian-Next”

    1. Hi,These are all png icons.just extract the archive and you could use for making android, nokia s40 themes.just copy paste these icons in your carbide.ui for making s40 themes

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