Tron theme for Nokia C2-03 & C2-06, X3-02

Tron theme for Nokia C2-03 & C2-06, X3-02

Tron theme for Nokia C2-03 & C2-06, X3-02

Tron free movie theme for Nokia C2-03 & C2-06, X3-02 and other Touch and Type phones created by TheShadow.Tron movie is an American science fiction movie written and directed by Steven Lisberger and released by Walt Disney Pictures.The wallpaper used in this theme is an artwork by
The features of the theme are :It use High quality wallpaper with flashlite large digital clock with semitransparent elements and default icons.This free nokia theme has been tested on Nokia C2-03 dual sim mobile phone

Size :490.6 KiB | Hits : 11,842 downloads

Description : Free Nokia Touch & Type theme

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15 thoughts on “Tron theme for Nokia C2-03 & C2-06, X3-02

      1. Nice… Cant wait for it bro ;)

        by the way, the author of the wallpaper is TronixGFX.
        Im having hard time finding the wallpaper from dA because it was mispelled.
        anyhow, you’ve done a great job making themes.
        keep it up… Thanks a lot.

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