Ubuntu Inspired Lockscreen GoLocker Theme for Android

ubuntu theme go locker

Hello,i have been busy for past few day and am back with a <a href=”https://themebowl.com/category/go-locker-themes”>Go Locker Theme</a> ie Ubuntu Inspired Lockscreen GoLocker Theme for Android from Themebowl.The Features of this android theme are as follows.

  • Animated Charging Indicator
  • New Digital Clock
  • Missed Calls and Message Indicator
  • Ubuntu Wallpaper

How to apply this Go Locker Theme:

1.Download latest version of Go Launcher ex and Go Locker on your mobile from Google Play.
2.Download and install this theme.
3.Open go Locker and navigate to installed-Ubuntu theme-and apply.
4.Latest version of go launcher and locker must be installed.

Download this Locker:

Ubuntu Go Locker Theme android

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