Up and Above Android Live Wallpaper  by theshadow of themebowl.com

Up and Above Android Live Wallpaper is first Balloon Live Wallpaper for android mobile user created by TheShadow of ThemeBowl.This is a simple live wallpaper and hope everyone will like it.The features of live wallpaper are
1.This comes with live nature wallpaper
2.As soon as you set this wallpaper you will see a lot of colorful balloons which rise up and above the sky.
3.Users could set speed, direction and interaction of wallpaper

How to apply Live Wallpaper (LWP):

1.Download and install this live wallpaper form Google Play
2.Go to Idle screen-option-wallpaper-live wallpaper-up and above lwp-Apply.

Download this LWP: