Ayofe by dsma

Ayofe by dsma

Ayofe by dsma

Theme maker note:
Hello … now pleased to present to your attention our new theme – Ayofe …
I confess this is one of my favorite so … When I first saw the work Eggy – I felt dizzy taken away from such consummate sense of style contained in his work, it just shocked me … After that, I spent two days hatched in my head first sketches, lived as if in delirium, dreams only Ayofe … because it had to postpone the drafting Picnic and put all this spontaneous work …
Unfortunately, not everything went smoothly … because of misunderstanding, conflict arose between me and Eggy … I hope he is not angry with me, because I brought him to apologize …
Gerrit Vanoppen, by contrast, was very glad that from distant Russia, someone knows his style and interest in its further progress … in particular for Nokii 5800 … Thank you Gerrit for permission to use elements of your style and creative interest in this project!

PS Theme fully meets the realities of the 40th firmware Nokia 5800 … for a more harmonious combination of form Hd. Menu – Contact – Use wallpaper number 9.

Archive of the topic contains: versions of the theme Ayofe Seth, and with flashing icons, wallpaper pack + transparent logo.

Infinite Respect:
1. Original author style Ayofe – Gerrit Vanoppen
2. The author of the port on the Nokia 3d – Eggy [link]

I want to thank (az) ABEL, BST1, Grange, Goric, Tufi for testing my work …
Of particular balgodarnost earned Comrade Goric (Alex)! Thank you for your support in difficult moments and help in both ideologically, so the test plans …


Size :453.2 KiB | Hits : 701 downloads

Description : Symbian 5th theme

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