Bluehex by TheShadow for S60v5 and s60v3 phones

bluehex for s60v3 and s60v5 mobiles by theshadow

bluehex for s60v3 and s60v5 mobiles by theshadow

As said earlier Bluehex by TheShadow is available for for S60v5 and s60v3 phones

Features :
Theme with Symbian^3 icons

Default version for s60 3rd edition included

Thanks to Ind190 for icons and Acros08 and RozzerX for Testing this theme in nokia X6 and nokia 5233 phones

If you are looking this theme for Symbian^3 phones then check here Bluehex by TheShadow

Fixed topbar for s60v3 fp1 phones

Size :3.4 MiB | Hits : 3,660 downloads

Description : Symbian 3rd prefp1, fp1 and fp2 mobile theme

Size :3.1 MiB | Hits : 4,268 downloads

Description : Symbian 60 5th edition phone theme

Author: TheShadow

I am Govind Narayan (TheShadow) from India.I am a mobile themes, icons, logo designer and owner of Mobile Themes World.

23 thoughts on “Bluehex by TheShadow for S60v5 and s60v3 phones”

  1. TheShadow, I like this theme very much, I downloaded it for pre F1 and there is The white bar in menu, can you help me? please :(

    1. Hi,Glad you like the theme.Can you post the screen shot here.Just upload the image to image hosting site and paste the link in comment.By the way is it only in the menu or the idle screen too.and at what position at status bar or idle bar?

  2. Thank you very much for your attention, you do your job well, I downloaded a “Holidays” theme earlier and it looks and works well, I like them very much, good luck and much success, thanks again.

  3. Hi, I have downloaded the updated version, but it is not setting, when I mark your theme for set, there is a message “Application is busy” and the default nokia theme is set. I wanted to shoot screenshots, but at this moment the phone reboots.

  4. The Shadow, I re-install the older version right now and it installed and works well, just one drawback is that there is a white stripe on the top in the menu folder, this version is not for MR. I do not want to take much of your time, just wanted to show why is it so:
    Excuse me for disturb You.

    1. Hi,Did you uninstall theme before and installed updated version?Did you try switching the device off and on? and is your phone s60v3 prefp1 240 x 320 px? whats your phone model?

  5. Hi, at first, I have installed the first version (with white bar), but not removed, and then installed the “update”, but have received the message: “Unable to install”.
    After these all, I have removed the first version, then switched off phone, and when I switched on device and have started to installing the “update” version, received message: “Application is busy”.
    my device is: S60v3, model-nokia3250. Sorry for disturb :(

    1. Hi,No problem.Only comments could make me to improve theme making.By the way from your above comment i see that your nokia 3250 is a s60v3 phone with screen size 176 x 208 pixel which is same screen size as that of nokia n70 and n72 phones which is s60v2.What i understood is the white bar is because of screensize, as this theme is optimized only for 240 x 320 , 320 x 240 and 360 x 640 px px phones.But still not sure yet that may be the problem.Anyhow i will see if there is any emulator to test the theme regarding installation problem (App busy)

  6. Hi again, thanks for information, I want to tell that your “Bluehex” is really awesome, I love it. Thanks for all, you’re professional in your work. :)

  7. Hi The Shadow.

    I tried to install the Bluehex on my N73 ME, when I tried to apply the theme, my phone says: ‘Application busy’.

    Please help me on this.

    Thank you. :)

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