No Room For Indian Android Apps Developers to sell on Google Play
Couple of Days ago “TheHindu” News Paper and many other website over internet featured an article stating that Indian Android App Developers can sell their apps on Google Play.The news was true, the list of supported locations for merchants was updated with name India which made 32 countries could sell android apps.This news gave a hope to lot of Indian Developers including myself to sell apps on Google Play.How ever couple of hours ago NDTV GADGETS released a news that India has been excluded once again providing updated list of supported countries with 31 on Google Play.
Is this exclusion temporary/permanent?Will India and other omitted countries will be added to list soon?Lets wait hoping that good things will happen.How ever the news of addition and exclusion of India on list weren’t Officially announced by Google.
What’s your opinion regarding recent changes?feel free to comment.