Samsung Omnia Icons

Samsung Omnia Icons

Samsung Omnia Icons

Icon pack for Carbide.ui to make themes for Symbian phones

Hints to Install:

Extract the archive Within in you will be finding folder name samsung-samsung icon

Open Carbide go to Windows- Preference-Carbide.ui click on plus symbol and click on component store

click add and browse through samsung-samsung icon-samsung icon.tdf

click on apply,ok and close now open your theme and import it .it works

Size :3.8 MiB | Hits : 2,909 downloads

Description : Samsung omnia icons

6 thoughts on “Samsung Omnia Icons

    1. Hi,here is the second step may be this will solve the problem.Create a new theme project and save it as samsung icons,and close extract the icons that you downloaded from this your current project folder from your copy all the svg icons content from samsung icons folder.excluding samsung icons.tdf and paste this to your current project carbide and your current project you may see all samsung icons added.

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