tehkseven png icons pack by tehkseven.net

I hope you have heard, downloaded and used the most famous icon pack created by Jon of Tehkseven.net which is in vector format suitable for making mobile themes, web icons etc.So here are those icons once again converted and made for easy use suitable for making mobile themes and especially for website developers for using this icons in png format.
This 475 png icons pack come in three different size as requested by many users converted by Tehkseven team members.The icons are available in three different size ie 32×32 px, 48×48 px and 100×100 px.So Download this awesome icons free and give credit to the creator of icons if used.
If you haven’t downloaded vector format then here it is Original seven Icon Pack plus Extended by Tehkseven

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Size :1.4 MiB | Hits : 1,685 downloads

Description : T7 png icons in 32 x 32 px format

Size :2.5 MiB | Hits : 1,312 downloads

Description : T7 png icons in 48 x 48 px format

Size :7.5 MiB | Hits : 1,345 downloads

Description : T7 png icons in 100 x 100 px format