Rainbow Tehk theme and icons by Cupcake

rainbow tehk icons and mobile theme by cupcake

rainbow tehk icons and mobile theme by cupcake

Download this wonderful theme and icon Rainbow Tehk by Cupcake.The theme is compatible with NokiaN8, nokiac7, nokiae7, nokiac6 and other compatible Symbian 3 mobiles.The icons used in this theme is an original icons created by cupcake.he has shared his icons free for all Symbian theme maker to make themes using carbide.ui.So here are the icon details.
The icons are within this rar file and are in tpf format

How to extract icons ?

Use Winrar to extract this downloaded file.

What Should i do after extracting?

After extracting you will find three files one in .tpf format, project file and svg icons within folder

How to use icons in Carbide?

After opening any one of carbide.ui 3.4, 3.0 and 4.0 go to file-import and browse the .tpf file and select it.then click import.that’s it start creating theme. or in another way extract tpf file using carbide and add tdf file to component storage file.

Note : Please give credit the creator of this icons Cupcake in your theme preview image or description if you make mobile themes using icons also if you like this tutorial please share with your friends on twitter and facebook and subscribe to email or rss feed of mobilethemesworld.

Size :290.4 KiB | Hits : 1,343 downloads

Description : Symbian 3 mobile theme

Size :9.2 MiB | Hits : 1,760 downloads

Description : Vector icons suitable for making nokia themes and for website

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  1. My Shadow i want to say a BIG THANKS to you and to Cupcake for his wonderful icons!!!!!!! THANK YOU GUYS…..

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