SimpleBlue Icons by TheShadow

Simple blue vector icons by theshadow

Simple blue vector icons by theshadow

I hope you all download, subscribe and like Simple Red Icons which i have released last week.If you didn’t here it is please go trough it Subscribe to Download Free SimpleRed Icons and as promised here is my next set of icon pack Simple Blue Icons by TheShadow.These icons have been used in this mobile theme Simple blue by TheShadow.

Package Information:

This icon pack is in .rar format inside which you will see simple blue icon folder.Extract the rar file and inside simple blue folder you will see two folders and a project file.The icons are in both svg and tdf format.You could either add icons alone or just open the .tdf file from carbide by going to files-open and browse for .tdf which could be seen inside simple blue folder.

Type of Contents:

The following type of contents can be seen within pack they are


  • Over 700+ Icons
  • Analogue and digital clock
  • Highlights and tabs
  • Battery and signal Indicators
  • Wallpaper
  • Call indicators, calculator icons and other elements.


If you are using any elements and icons in this icon pack be sure to give credit to me ie (TheShadow).You are free to modify the icons. Please do tweet this post, share on facebook or other social network.

There are still lot of Icons to be released in this upcoming weeks.Be sure you are following mobile themes word on Twitter, Like on Facebook and Subscribe to Email to receive daily posts.Also don’t forget to verify link on your email (inbox) for receiving latest post email notification

Size :11.9 MiB | Hits : 1,549 downloads

Description : 100% free vector icons for making mobile themes

4 thoughts on “SimpleBlue Icons by TheShadow

  1. Thanks
    I Like Them But, Its Really Hard To Match With Any Other Color.
    Keep Up The Good Work Just Like This.
    Best Regards!!!

    1. You are welcome.and am glad you like it.It may be bit hard but feel free to modify.Don’t you know the trick to change color for bulk icons on carbide?if not i will make a tutorial for that.

  2. AH! Really Thanks.
    I Always Read Your “TUTORIALS” & Learn From Them Lot.
    Best Regards!!!

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