Hello Now I come up with Tutorial for Sonyericsson Phones to add Media Skin
Thanks to parano-33-d for this wonderful tutorial.
How To Add Media Skin To SonyEricsson Phone

Steps to add Media Skin
1.Open MP Skinner, load your theme, you need 2 pictures: 240x320px for portrait and 320x240px for landscape mode backgrounds
2.adjust colors according to theme
3.save & transfer to phone.

at times this process may not work on certain phones,then try like this:
1.Open MPSkinner,you need 2 pictures of 240x320px for portrait & 320x240px for landscape mode
2.adjust colors according to theme
3.copy .xml codes
4.save the theme
5.open se theme creator
6.open .xml editor
7.paste the .xml codes(see point 4)in between those last 2 lines

lines to edit

For C905 remove the following lines

lines to edit
it is recommended to use w705 canvas to theme,because its same as C905

Download the following tool to change media skin

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Description : tool to change media skin

Size :641 bytes | Hits : 771 downloads

Description : lines to edit