The Complete UID List of Nokia’s System Folders

UID List of Nokia’s System Folders

UID List of Nokia’s System Folders

The Complete UID List of Nokia’s System Folders for Nokia carbide.ui

The Complete UID List of Nokia’s System Folders

Application Name Major ID Minor ID
My Own 0x101F86E3 0x0003
Help 0x101F86E3 0x2003
N82 Music 0x101F86E3 0x1BDA
N82 Utilities 0x101F86E3 0x1BDB
N76 Music 0x101F86E3 0x1975
N76 Utilities 0x101F86E3 0x1976
FP2 My Own 0x101F86E3 0x2004
FP2 Internet 0x101F86E3 0x2005
E51 Office 0x101F86E3 0x16AF
E51 Help 0x101F86E3 0x16B1
E65 Office 0x101F86E3 0x16B0
E65 Help 0x101F86E3 0x16B2
E71 Office 0x101F86E3 0x1EAD
E71 Help 0x101F86E3 0x1EAC
E71 GPS 0x101F86E3 0x1EAB
E71 Communication 0x101F86E3 0x1EAA
N79 Music 0x101F86E3 0x2057
Applications 0x101F86E3 0x0001
Web Folder 0x101F86E3 0x0002
GPS 0x101F86E3 0x0004
Games 0x101F86E3 0x1977
Music 2 0x101F86E3 0x200B
Music 3 0x101F86E3 0x1BE0
Office 2 0x101F86E3 0x13FE
Utilities 0x101F86E3 0x1BE1
Utilities 2 0x101F86E3 0x200C
Utilities 3 0x101F86E3 0x1976
5800 Music 0x101F86E3 0x2176
5800 Applications 0x101F86E3 0x2174
5800 Internet 0x101F86E3 0x2179
Games 2 0x2000DA5A 0x1
Office 3 0x2000DA5A 0x2
6120 Applications 0x102824B5 0x1030
6120 Games 0x102824B5 0x1031
6120 MyOwn 0x102824B5 0x1032
Application SIS 0x101F86E3 0x1645
Application Java 0x101F86E3 0x1644
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2 thoughts on “The Complete UID List of Nokia’s System Folders”

  1. Is it really complete??In podcasting there are subfolders-directories and podcasts-what are their UIDs??Cant these icons be changed??

    1. I have added uids that i use.For changing podcasting icon in carbide.ui go to musicplayer 3 there you will find postcast icon.just replace with custom icons and for subfolders you can’t change

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